• Committee

      The Executive Committee and Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting.     

         Office Lead/Related roles: Projects contact for:

      Dr William Wolmer

      Chairman Landscape & Biodiversity Heathlands reunited
      Mike Tristram Vice Chairman Communities, SD Partnership SD Farmland Birds Initiative
      James Cooper Vice Chairman Planning & Rural Economy, Estates  
      Craig Anderson Book Keeper/ Treasurer (Ex Officio)  
      Nigel Clutton Founder President  
      David Taylor   Access  
      Andrew Elms   NFU
      David Ashcroft   SDLAF, SCF Panel  
      Sabrina Harcourt-Smith      
      Simon Ward   Cultural Heritage LIDAR
      Stan Abbott   Forestry  
      David Uren SD Partnership  
      Attending EC ex officio:    
      William White    NFU    
      Robin Edwards            CLA    

      Liaison Officer:

      Alison Tingley  

      Liaison & general enquiries,

      Communications, Ex-officio Secretary

       sdlm@southdownsland.com  Shared Identity
      Craig Anderson B4Bookkeeping    

      SDNPA Members with Land Manager liaison responsibility:   Jo Carr         Alun Aylesbury  

      Other South Downs Land Managers Members serving as NPA Members:  Sebastian Anstruther  

      Other South Downs Land Managers serving on the South Downs Partnership: Mike Tristram


    • Support us

    • If you would like to join SDLM, then send us an email with your contact details including name and telephone number.