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      The National Park is owned by more than 500 different landowners and has been shaped by many generations of farming. The National Park Authority works in partnership with local people, land owners and managers, farmers, businesses, visitors, other Local Authorities and organisations to promote its statutory purposes and duty.  The Authority also provides advice on building developments and make decisions on planning applications. Here are some links to Park related website pages that may be of interest to land managers.

      The Park Forum is a sounding board for stakeholders of the National Park to communicate their ideas, issues and concerns to the SDNPA and each other

      Sussex Pathwatch is a partnership of organisations which aims to combat motorised vehicles using public rights of way illegally and irresponsibly in the Sussex Countryside

      The Partnership Management Plan for the South Downs National Park is the most important strategic document for the Park, guiding numerous organisations as they influence its landscapes, people, wildlife and businesses over the next five years.

      About the South Downs National Park Authority

      Planning in the National Park

      Looking after the National Park

      State of the Park Report 2012

      New Staff Structure

      The SDNPA has recently undergone a restructure resulting in a more streamlined organisation, with fewer Directors and Senior Managers, but strengthens delivery by adding new assistant and apprentice ranger posts and new income generating capacity. 

      Countryside Policy and Management Directorate 

      Brings together the rangers and strategy leads into a Countryside Policy and Management Directorate which will deliver projects and programmes locally and across the whole National Park working with landowners, communities, charities and other partners.  There are four delivery teams, each team has a park-wide role leading on one habitat type (water chalk woods or heaths) and another area of work (access education & volunteering, heritage or tourism and economy). A fifth team provides expertise on performance management, project evaluation and research.

      The following link shows the new directorate structure SDNPA Countryside Policy & Management Directorate Structure

      Key Contacts CP&M Director- Andrew Lee

      Western Area –  02392 572615 westerndowns@southdowns.gov.uk  Lead Ranger Elaina Whittaker-Slark 

      Rangers: Rob Nicholls, Graham West  Assistant Ranger: Laura Dean

      Planning Link Officer Roy Little

      Wealden Heath – 01730 817945 wealdenheath@southdowns.gov.uk Lead Ranger Dan Oakley 

      Rangers: Dan Cornell, Angela Ward  Assistant Ranger: Alison Pitts

      Planning Link Officer: Nat Belderson

      Central Area – 01243 811533 centraldowns@southdowns.gov.uk Lead Ranger Tom Parry

      Rangers: Simon Mockford, Ian McConnell, Assistant Ranger: Sam Buckland

      Planning Link Officer: Nat Belderson

      Eastern Area – 01273 625242 easterndowns@southdowns.gov.uk Lead Ranger: Phillippa Morrison-Price  

      Rangers: Jan Knowlson, Mark Hayward, Fay Pattinson  Assistant Rangers: Mathew Dowse, Tim Squire Apprentice Ranger: Vacant

      Planning Link Officer: Roy Little

      The following link provides a map of Ranger areas 

      Planning Directorate:  

      The Planning Directorate delivers all aspects of the NPA's planning function, either in house or via agency arrangement with host authorities.  It comprises three teams: Development Management, Planning Policy, Performance and Technical Management
      Development Management: Delivers the planning service for all planning applications handled directly by the NPA (the recovered service areas including Minerals and waste cases and significant applications that are called in from the 'host' authorities)
      Planning Policy: Covers all aspects of policy formulation including the Local Plan, Minerals and Waste Strategies, Community led plans particularly Neighbourhood Plans.
      Performance and Technical Management: Handles major planning projects and provides specialist technical advice across the Planning Directorate and rest of the organisation. This team is also responsible for the relationship with the host authorities who deliver a local planning service in some parts of the Park.
      Key Contacts  Planning Director:  Tim Slaney
      Planning Policy Manager              Lucy Howard
      Development Manager                 Robert Ainslie
      Performance Technical Manager Mike Bleakley
      Communities                                Chris Paterson
      Landscape Officer                        Veronica Craddock
      Conservation Officers                   Michael Scammell, David Boyson
      Design Officer                               Genevieve Hayes

      Corporate Strategy Directorate 

      There are three team responsible for raising the profile of the National Park, generating income to support its many projects and partners and ensuring efficient management of the NPA
      ​Key Contacts CSD Chief Executive Trevor Beattie
      Head of Marketing and Income      ​Vacant
      Funding co-ordinator                       Mark Rose 
      Communications Manager              Ruth James

      CLICK HERE to search the SDNPA Website for other contacts and information.

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