• Defra workshops

    • Together with the Soil Association, Defra are holding a workshop to discuss some of the key Government proposals for building a thriving agricultural sector outside of the EU.

      The event will take place at the Sheepdrove eco conference centre on the 23rd of April 2018. The event will run from 10:00am until 15:30pm.    

      Please let them know if you can make it by registering to attend here: https://gov.smartwebportal.co.uk/defra/public/webform.asp?id=70&id2=358BFD

      The event will start with an opening presentation from a senior Defra policy official before attendees move into 90-minute facilitated breakout sessions to discuss key topics.

      Attendees are asked to select two breakout sessions to attend from the below list:

      Session title

      Aim of session

      1.      Reducing Direct Payments

      To discuss the best approach for reducing direct payments to farmers.

      2.      Environmental Land Management scheme

      To discuss what a new environmental land management scheme should look like and how to make it a success.

      3.      Farming Excellence, Profitability and Resilience

      To discuss how to ensure farmers have access the right tools to improve productivity and manage risk and volatility

      4.      Animal Health/ welfare

      This workshop aims to explore the ways we can encourage farmers and land managers as animal keepers throughout the industry to further improve animal health and tackle endemic disease.

      5.      Uplands/Rural

      To discuss how the Government can support the uplands and other remote areas to improve growth and prosperity across rural communities

      Please register to let them know which two sessions you would like join. If we do not receive a response from you ahead of the event, we will assign you to an available session on the day.

      The breakout sessions are designed to give attendees the opportunity to share their views on key proposals set out in the Government’s consultation paper, Health and Harmony: The Future for Food, Farming and the Environment in a Green Brexit.

      The consultation opened on Tuesday 27th February and will close on Tuesday 8th May. During this time, responses can be made online via: http://www.bit.ly/FutureFoodandFarming

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