• Guidelines for heritate assets in forestry management in the Secrets of the High Woods project area

    • The Secrets of the High Woods project has produced a great deal of new information on the archaeology of the Central and part of the Western area of the South Downs. Much of this is currently only available in technical documents and as GIS data – and needs to be available in an accessible format to add to the understanding of the forests already held by the estates and foresters. The National Park Authority wishes to share this information with the estates and forestry managers, and work with them to develop “Guidelines for the wooded heritage assets in the South Downs National Park”.  The guidelines will reflect nationally recognised but locally-owned expertise in the management of historic wooded landscapes, within a confident, commercial forestry environment.
      Landward Research are now busy undertaking their desk top research and engaging with local landowners/site managers and archaeological personnel, discussing the purpose of this piece of work, seeking input into the design and overall content of the guidance. The work is on track and we aim to have the guidance published and available in February 2017.

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